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Curating video content – on innovation and creativity

I have an interest in innovation and creativity and have recently been curating some web-based videos on this topic for learning purposes. Prior to this intentional effort to curate these resources I had actually created a youtube account and saved several videos to my favorites. I even had one playlist.  I now have about 10  playlists on topics of interest and probably over 30 videos of interest.

Innovation and education

An area that I have been focusing on recently is innovation and creativity and I’ve compiled a Youtube playlist on this topic. There are several interesting speakers and clips on this list. One interesting clip I found was from an old TV show (I presume), The Ambersons, and it talks about the introduction and growth of the automobile and how it might impact society. It’s fascinating to see the perspectives on new technology. There always seems to be the Luddite perspective of resisting the new for fear of the changes it will bring. However, time and tide seems to move on, doesn’t it. Often for better or perhaps not. Change does seem to be inevitable…

On Creativity

Another very interesting talk I found on TED is by Sir Ken Robinson, entitled “Do schools kill creativity?. I had heard or seen others make reference to his ability as a public speaker (and no, he doesn’t use and slides as a part of his presentation, in general). He is quite engaging and had a keen interest in creativity and education. A few points he made that struck me were about the willingness to make mistakes and how our education system and organizations tend to stigmatize mistakes. One thing he said was “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original” and that we are educating people out of creativity because of stigmatizing mistakes. I know that when I am in an environment where  I feel like I am criticized or punished for making mistakes, I tend to withhold something within. I’m not as likely to extend myself or take risks because of the possible unsupportive response.

Another video along these lines that I found interesting was an interview with  Olivia Fox. The following are a few excerpts:

“One of the things that is most fascinating to me, is how important it is to fail successfully, and only the best innovators and best leaders know how to do that… Innovation requires the willingness to risk that what you’re doing may not work out. Otherwise, you’re only going to do things you know will work out, old things—rather than new things where you don’t know what the outcome’s going to be.”

Are we in our element – or are we doing what we really want to do?

A part of creativity and innovation and the willingness to make mistakes seems to be the question of whether we are really doing what we are passionate about. According to Sir Ken Robinson and Steve Jobs to be much more like that creativity and innovation will flourish when we are in our element and passionate about what we are doing. Csikszentmihalyi calls it flow.

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