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The Art of Presentation…

I found this video on presentation quite interesting. It’s already changed the way I created a couple of presentations and I feel like the results have been that the audience is more engaged.

You can also check out the author’s website at


Sprouting perspectives…

I enjoyed the team building activity on Monday. It was a nice way to finish the last class gathering. The photos to pick from were really powerful images and could be used for so many similar type activities. It’s a nice way to have people reflect and share their thinking in a way that others can relate to. Taking images from everyday life that we are familiar with in some way and then using them to tell a story about how you see something or another. It really seems to open up another avenue of connection. This is definitely a socially oriented activity. However, to me it was also definitely related to our task work in the class and our teams.

And now, the semester is over and “Learning in Groups and Teams” is also now an item that I can add to my shoebox. I think many seeds have been planted during this semester. They will need some further nourishing from the nutrients found in the soil of persistence, the light of action, the air of courage, the water of reflection, and the spirit of inquiry…

I really enjoyed this class. It was especially rewarding to get to know and work with my teammates of the Infrareds. Yet, it was a bit odd to not get to know others in the class so well, too. It’s clear that it was by working in the smaller group on projects that we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and also learn from each other.

Until we meet again, somewhere or another along the journey… bookmarks