Below is a collection of my work in the MEd Adult Learning program at VCU. Classes are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent being listed first. For each class, there is a piece of work that I have selected to represent my work in the class as well as a reflective piece that is either a final reflection or a selected reflection during the class. To see, you need to select the link and you will be taken to a page where the file is viewable.


Capstone in Action Learning   (Spring 2011)

Selected Work: Final Presentation 30-Day Readmission Qualitative Study – Capstone Project

Exploration of Digital Media and Adult Learning  (Fall 2010) 

Selected Work:  Radio Radio – Podcasting and Lifelong Learning– An Interview 

Reflection:  Rabbit holes, pancakes, and web authenticity

Research Methods in Education  (Fall 2010)

Selected Work:  Research Project_The educator’s role in the transformative learning process

Human Resource Development Overview  (Summer 2010)

Selected Work:  Interview with an HRD Professional

Reflection:  Final Reflection – HRD Overview

Organizational Change  (Spring  2010)

Selected Work: Mindmap of a mini Future Search Conference – Social Media and Newtworking

Reflection:  Final Reflection – Organizational Change

Instructional Strategies for Adult Learning  (Spring 2010)

Selected work: Teaching for Transformation

Reflective Essay:
Review – Brain Function & Learning – Implications for Practice

End of Course Reflection:   What I Have Learned about Teaching and Learning

Organizational Learning  (Fall 2009)

Selected Work:  A Learning Organization Then and Now – Executive Summary

Reflection:  Reflections on Org Learning & Culture

Program Planning & Evaluation  (Summer 2009)

Presentation: Group Effectiveness Workshops Overview

Selected Work: Group Effectiveness Workshops Program Plan

Consulting Skills  (Fall 2009)

Selected Work:  Presentation on ‘The Contracting Meeting’

Reflection:  Consulting Skills – Integration of Theory and Practice

Adults with Learning Disabilities  (Summer 2009)

Selected Work:  Interview with an Adult with Learning Disabilities

Reflection:  Course Reflections – Adults with Learning Disabilities

Learning in Groups and Teams  (Spring 2009)

Selected Work:  Twelve Angry Men Paper – An Analysis of Group Effectiveness

Reflection:  Reflection on my Learning in Groups & Teams

The Adult Learner   (Fall 2008)

Selected Work:  The Evolution of Transformative Learning

Reflection:  Reflection on Kolb

Adult Development  (Fall 2008)

Selected WorkThe Biology of Belief

Reflection:  What I Have Learned in Adult Development



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