Drinking from the digital ocean

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I’m finding that RSS gives me a chance to have a selective drink from the digital ocean. It does help to have option to have the news I choose delivered at my digital doorstep. However, I do have to discover what I want to be included in that delivery. Of course, I can choose to read or not, too. I do like the netvibes ability to put a feed in its own window from which I can browse the posts that look to be of interest. One of the ongoing challenges is to sort out just what is relevant and is of interest. I guess that’s an ongoing process, isn’t it?

I found an blog I’m checking out that touches on that – zenhabits. The author, Leo Babuata, say it’s about: finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.” That’s it with any of these tools, isn’t it? Clear the clutter so we can focus on the important. And, just what that may be… we each have to discover, eh?


1 Response to “Drinking from the digital ocean”

  1. 1 Jeff Nugent 11 October 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Interesting mixed metaphor there. Do you think that metaphors play an important role in helping learners make sense of new concepts? If so…do you have any ideas for how to encourage that among adult learners encountering these kinds of technology for the first time? It seems that first time encounters are crucial in shaping subsequent uses. Curious what your take is over on Elizabeth’s blog: http://adlt641-fall2010-emarlowe.blogspot.com/2010/10/lernng-new-lnguge-sighs.html

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