HRD Leadership & Corporate U’s

ADLT 620 – HRD Overview – Session 8

HRD Leaders, Chief Learning Officers

It looks like a leader in HRD needs to have a bag full of tricks… Well, I guess to be an effective leader in any organization, you need to have a pretty rounded set of competencies. The thing that strikes me about a leader in HRD is that besides some general leadership qualities, another set of competencies around learning need to be included. A key competency that surfaced for me is the whole idea around building partnerships and collaborative relationships in an organization. This also involves a PR component. And ultimately, it seems quite essential to be able to understand how HRD can impact the org strategies/goals to increase productivity or effectiveness.

I think back on when I was a co-team leader of an educational team for a nonprofit organization and I realize that the various roles Gilley describes were ones that I fell into, some without fully realizing, and in some cases, not at all realizing that was a role I was playing. Well, there is nothing like OJT… eh? Some of the roles I learned on the job, whereas others only afterward, reflecting on things that didn’t work out and why. I can say, I wish I had more clarity about the roles that were a part of that position, but I think that my lack of knowledge and resulting experiences helped to propel me into my current trajectory of adult learning with a focus in HRD.

Corporate U’s

It was interesting to hear our guest in the last class talk about the corporate university in the company she works. It struck me that she considers her setting to be a learning organization. Hmmm… I imagine it would be an incredible environment in which to work where a key focus is on learning. Ah, to be in a mutual learning environment. It would be quite a challenge, I imagine, to always keep learning in mind. But, I imagine, there might be a great community that develops, too. Instead of looking for blame, there would be a setting where everyone realizes they might not have the full picture and would make efforts to expand their pool of knowledge by including others, as much as possible. I think this could be an environment that moves towards the meaning, dignity, and community that Weisboard so often mentions…


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