Just what is HRD…

ADLT 620 – HRD Overview – Session 2

It seems like the  concept of HRD is in an evolutionary phase and it’s not quite fully clear to many. I must admit, I wasn’t so clear just what HRD included and the name doesn’t necessarily make it any clearer. I can see by some of the articles we read the name is in question by those who practice the various aspects. It’s because of the many different roles that often fall under the canopy of HRD.

I’ve experienced the training for activity trap. A training is created to solve an apparent problem and then it’s rolled out and finished. Often there is hardly a follow up. It’s somehow expected that everyone gets it at the training. And yet, I’m certain that it’s know that not all participants walk out with the same learning and fewer still put into practice what they’ve learned. So, the question is how to integrate learning and development with all of the aspects of HRD. Gilley et all talk about HRD involving individual development, performance mgmt, career development, and org development.

And the key really seems to be to raise HRD into a strategic level of consideration for the whole organization. Not that it’s just another training to do, or some team building to do… but fitting into the whole picture and plan to grow an effective learning organization. Hmmm… a learning organization, that concept is still evolving for me.


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