AI – Let the sun shine in

ADLT 625 Change Strategies – Post 4

The Appreciative Inquiry mini conference was awesome! Very well-organized and smoothly run! I was actually quite pleasantly surprised! When reading the book, it seemed like there was just a bit too oozy of the positive tone in a few places. Maybe it was just the author’s enthusiasm carrying over. Anyway, from the reading I received a sense of the process, but the experience was quite different. (…Interesting, there it is again, how learning connects with experience! How crucial a role it has for me as far as meaningful learning goes… and then, of course, there is reflection, discussion…)

Hemeraby Kathryn McDonnell,
[Hemera was the Greek Goddess of the Day]

The guided interview was really a powerful process for me.  Through the paired interview we did and the sharing with just one other pair, there was a glimpse into what it might be like if one person did just 10 interviews. I thought it could really be infectious in spreading a positive buzz. The other aspects of the 4D cycle were also quite powerful. The positive energy really seemed to build through whole process, moving from discovery to dream, then design and then creating a vision of the future.

The creative activity also seemed quite powerful. I can understand better now how acting out a vision of the future brings in not only our emotions, but also our physical being. The idea that by acting something out through physical motion, participation, and expression, some sort of memory is stored not only in a cognitive sense based on words or statements, but also connected with our emotional and physical being.

I think through this mini experience and learning I could, with further study and preparation, consider participating in facilitating a larger event. I would still like to actually experience a larger scale AI, Future Search, or Open Space event. I can see there are differences in the approaches of each of these large group intervention processes. There could be situations where one or the other could better serve the purpose. It’s been a great opportunity to learn about all three . I think there are also aspects of each that could be helpful in situations that are not directly a part of a formal intervention process.


2 Responses to “AI – Let the sun shine in”

  1. 1 poohbouncer 9 May 2010 at 11:51 pm

    I loved your comment about the book being “a bit to oozy of the positive tone.” I totally had the same feeling as we were working through it and to be honest until I saw it played out with you guys I only then changed my tone. It really was powerful. I also to felt the creativity really brought something unexpected out in everyone. Looking back on it now I really don’t think that you guys would have came to the same provacative propositions without having first gone through that creative activity. Pretty wild!

    • 2 bluesky55 10 May 2010 at 10:08 am

      Hi April! Yes, the experience of all three of the large group interventions (LGIs) were sooo different than just reading about them. This is some kind of recurring theme for me in that experience is such a crucial part of the learning cycle – and following it reflection and then discussion… However, the experience of each of the three LGIs seemed to take things to another level. I can see that the design of each, and the open, participatory process has a powerful transformative potential, much more so than many processes that I’ve come across so far. To me it must be the validation and contribution that individuals make – taking in their past experiences with their vision and hope of the future coupled with the opportunity to connect and learn from a community with similar interests although maybe with diverse viewpoints. Thanks for the comments!

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