Assessment Again

Instructional Strategies – ADLT 603 – Post 6

It was great to listen to summaries and have discussion about the different articles class members found. I was again struck by how assessment was a key topic. I think one thing that struck me in this session was to consider assessment as an extension of learning – something to help the teacher help the learner. I think I have such an ingrained view that assessment is about grading – pass/fail and all the various pressures to succeed. Through such a lens, learning itself seems to be pushed into the background. However, to consider ways to assess where learners are so that a teacher may address the gaps is important. I think there are clearly many informal ways of assessing and I have used some of them, but again for me, the point here is to become more conscious about it.

Blogs to assess reflective practice, e-portfolios to have a view of perhaps different aspects/perspectives of learning… The idea that blogs can help build communities of practice which are known to deepen learning (hey, this isn’t assessment is it? but it is about learning…!!)

The article by Shavelson and Huang on assessment in higher ed mention some key things for me – we often get what we test for, consider assessing personal, social, and civic abilities as well as cognitive¬† – wouldn’t that be a change!

Frequent, human, efficient, valid, reliable and consistent, and an extension of learning… more points to consider about assessment. I’ve never created a rubric. I think this could be a good exercise to gain some perspective in assessing.

I think a whole course could be devoted to assessment. I still feel I am without a full grasp, but I do have many new things to consider the next time I need to plan an assessment strategy.


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