Assessment Factors

Instructional Strategies – ADLT 603 – Post 5

It was fascinating to hear the different perspectives on assessment last class when different class members shared the articles they found. One of the themes that i caught coming through many of the articles was the need for multiple forms of assessment and that assessment build on previous assessment. As I understood assessment can really be used as a teaching tool rather than evaluation tool – meaning to help the teacher understand where learners are and what their needs may be. It can also help to better understand strengths of learners. For instance if some learners have more knowledge or experience in a topic, then they can be invited to help others learn in some way.

It was interesting to hear about Alverno College where they have no grades. I’m sure that I read about Alverno in some publication within the past 2 years. I do recall that the college was in the Mid-West and basically had no explicit grading system like most colleges. It seems like it would be an interesting learning environment. I imagine the students learn to take responsibility for their work. I would imagine it would be more motivating.

I think I would have appreciated an undergraduate learning environment like that. As such, I went to a large state university that had mostly traditional style of teachers — lecture, lecture, lecture…. without opportunities to reflect, integrate, or dialogue with the teacher or fellow learners. I had a difficult time integrating all of the information and often it just seemed to go in one ear and out the other. As such I think this also affected my motivation because i could not see the relationship or relevance to other parts of my life, or life outside the classroom.

I think one of the main things I am catching about the idea of assessment is that there can be a human element or factor involved whereby it can be used to really help learners rather than grade them as pass/fail. To help learners there is then the need for feedback. How to give feedback in a helpful, constructive way? Ah, and that is quite a subject in itself from my experience — perhaps another blogday…


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