Goals and outcomes

Instructional Strategies – ADLT 603 – Post 4

I think I had a big aha for the last class where we three main points to consider when developing instruction – goals, assessment, and learning activities and then the consideration of ‘situational factors’ that impact activities and assessment.The main thing that really struck me was how assessment should be clearly tied back to goals and objectives. Of course, if I am assessing, I should assess to see if learners reached the goals I had for them. However, I had not heard or seen this put so clearly. I think I have mostly considered my learning goals and objectives and then planned activities to reach them.

Granted, I haven’t usually worked in a formal educational environment where grades need to be determined. But i have had to give reports on training to management and actually recommend or not recommend people for roles based on their participation. We did have criteria for that fellow trainers used to evaluate. However, I can say we did not design specific assessment activities to go along with our learning activities. There was a way to assess, but it was probably quite subjective.

I think this is the biggest thing that came from this class – considering how to plan and tie assessment right back to the learning objectives. Dr. Schmidt even put assessment as step 2, after defining goals and learning objectives and before looking even thinking of learning activities. I see this as an area where I need to learn more in theory and practice…


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