Responsibilities in learning

Instructional Strategies – ADLT 603 – Post 2

What is the role/responsibility of the teacher in meeting individual student learning styles?

I think the it is important for the teacher to attempt to vary their teaching style so that students with different learning styles can have more access to the subject. One of the things that struck me from last week’s discussion was the idea that we usually teach in our preferred learning style. I had to think about this a bit. I think that I learn better when I’m engaged with the material, often through socially mediated dialogue. For me, it helps to integrate what I have read or heard in a lecture or presentation to my prior knowledge.  I appreciate challenging questions and opportunities to express my views. I think these kind of situations help me connect more with the material and subject matter. It also helps me to hear other peoples views. In this way I can check my own views and consider other perspectives.

I admit that I often try to create learning events in a similar way that I think I learn best – with the idea of engaging learners and having them connect with their prior knowledge or experience. I have tended to shy away from pure lecture because I feel like I don’t learn so well this way.  If there is lecture intersperse with questions and dialogue, this helps me. However, I find that when there is a large group, only a few people get to share their views. In a smaller groups it’s possible to share my perspective and also hear others.

However, now I think I need to re-examine my approach and try to become more aware of the different ways/styles that people may learn. The learning inventory and the reading about ‘good’ teaching were interesting. I haven’t thought of myself as a teacher in the way of bringing about societal change, yet, I have conducted learning events around spirituality and self-development. I think these are probably views that could also be considered to have a societal impact.

I’m thinking more about different perspectives on teaching now and would like to have a deeper understanding of different styles and perspectives so I could be more aware of trying to meet the needs of different learners.


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