June 3 – Social skills, communication more than just words

It was fascinating to hear all the stories of people with LD who have become highly successful in their fields and life. I wish I could have studied each of them more. The 5 min presentation seems to have just barely given a glimpse.

It was also interesting to hear about aspects of social LD. Wow! How subtle social skills are. It’s really quite a complex subject and so much seems to be unconscious. The idea that only 7% of communication comes through words is incredible. It’s hard to really fathom. It makes sense and yet, I think we are still not so conscious of such factors as how we read facial expressions and gestures and intonation. There seems to be often such an automatic response. I guess these things also vary to some extent with cultural factors, too. The nuances of facial expressions or gestures in one culture may convey and entirely different meaning in another culture.

The idea of a “social skills autopsy” is interesting. Rather than punish for doing something that people w/o LD would recognize as inappropriate, take it as an opportunity to learn. Another idea that is almost essential when working with/teaching children with LD that could carry over to and, I think, prove quite effective for children w/o LD.


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