What do you know?

Well, it was interesting to see how the presentations went on Monday. I kind of felt I didn’t quite do the interviews with a lay person and an employer quite on spot. Class confirmed it. I felt a bit of an odd ball. I was caught more in the stories and didn’t focus on the questions to get the data. As everyone was giving the responses to their questions they collected in their interviews, it struck me that this was an aspect of how qualitative research is done. Consistent questions are asked of selected groups and then the responses are analyzed. Yes, there must be other parts… how the people are selected, data is analyzed, etc. But having a set of questions that elicit responses about the subject of interest seems to be a key part.

It was also interesting to hear the responses given. Many people seem to know a little bit about LD and some had a pretty good sense, but there still seemed to be not really a clear picture – often thinking it’s AD/HD or even MR.

I’ve been listening to the tape of John Corcoran and also watched some videos online, interviews or him speaking. He really has a story and reading it on paper doesn’t really capture it fully. You get a sense, but when you listen to him or see him speak, more of the feeling comes through of what is like to be a person with LD. It’s much more alive.


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