Support, love and encouragment

What continues to strike me so far when learning about the people and issues that have had learning challenges or LD is how essential it is to for anyone with learning challenges (and I might go on to say, that for me, really anyone learning) is to have love and support. This seems really a key determining factor in most of the success stories that I’ve read so far.

The other amazing thing is to look at the stories of people who have been highly successful in their lives, despite being extremely challenged to read or write, to figure math, or to be organized. What inspiring examples to the need testimony of perseverance and belief in the possibilities that may be. It’s also interesting to note that many were driven by the frustration or anger of feeling like they were “dumb”, or that they were rejected by teachers and administrators or the system. They seemed to want to prove to everyone they could make it despite the challenges they faced. And I can understand that they didn’t publicized their challenges, the world would have castigated them and often did for how they didn’t fit the model of what was considered normal.

So often it seemed that teachers had such a set idea about intelligence having to do with reading, writing and the 1, 2, 3’s and that if one didn’t meet that idea one was cast out… One person called it not a ‘learning disability’, but rather a ‘teaching disability’. That seems quite right on. I think I have run into quite a lot of teaching disability in my own journey. What is there to learn from this? To understand that there are diffferent ways of learning? To realize that there may be intelligence despite one’s inability to read, or write to do math? Any still, what about those who are not so intelligence? Are they less of a human being?

One of the things that struck me was that for many who have gone through such challenges they seem to have developed a heightened ability to understand others, communicate, and have respect for others wherever they are. Even being in an advance position in their work life, they seemed be able to keep present to the fact that others may have challenges too. This seems to have come through the adversity and constant failure they faced and seem to continue to face. What a gift!


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