learning within learning…

decisions, decisions…

It’s fascinating to really build and work in a team while at the same time actually study the many factors that impact a team and the and the varied aspects, elements and perspectives involved. For instance, to study the different kinds of decision making, I can see, yes, there are perhaps 3 main kind – democratic, consultative and consensus. And we can discuss these in class to understand the theory and share our past experiences. …It’s helpful to look back in my our experience and also hear what others experienced. And then, our team is faced with making decisions. hmmm… and that’s interesting to observe. And it’s interesting to observe myself – how i respond the process…

I’ve had experiences where there is a more consultative or even democratic decision making process and I’ve felt that afterward there was something that was missing in the quality of the decision as well as acceptance. Sometimes it is a more expedient process for a leader to make a decision, for sure; but in situations where a high level of commitment is needed to realize the outcome, my experience is that it’s worth the extra time needed to bring everyone on the same page. The leader of one facilitator workshop I went to said, “Go slow to go fast.”   Something like what Dr Carter said today – was it, “don’t just stand there, do nothing” ??

there is really so much learning going on for me in this process. all the paradoxes of belonging, engaging and speaking – some more, some less. and it seems that some of these are going on for others in the our group. i wonder when the day will come that i might consider myself learned? ha, ha! the dance of human development. i guess if i were learned, things might be boring!! it’s just that sometimes the learning process can be a bit painful – when I see all the stuff where i’m still out of harmony with. how to find the balance of of being able to maintain some degree of harmony amidst the disharmony that still swirls within and without???

to disclose or not disclose, to speak or not to speak

For me, I also think it also involves trust in the group and being curious about what everyone has to say. The paradoxes of group life are also fascinating. Not only is this about group life, but it is clear that these paradoxes also affect the individual. Do I lose my identity if I join a group? Or will my identity become more individuated as I accept the identity of the group. Disclosure seems to be such an important issue. We could see in the video examples of ‘group think’ and the Abiline paradox, that in both kinds of situations members of the groups did not speak up. In a group think situation, there is really a fear to speak up. I’ve been in situations like this. It’s just not OK for the group culture to speak against the leadership or the culture, etc. And as a result, the quality of decisions is less and at times i’ve seen significant mistakes or errors. Fortunately, nothing so tragic as a blown ‘o’ ring on a space shuttle launch

So, there is a real risk to disclose – a risk to feel rejected by the team or group and thus perhaps feel dejected or unappreciated. But then, there is the other side of the risk which is probably not to far from rejection/dejection, except that it doesn’t come from the group, but rather, from ourselves. If i don’t speak out, I will often wish that I had and could feel dejected that I didn’t have the courage. An of courage… Berg and Smith say, “to be courageous, one must act in fullness of doubt an uncertainty, affirming that which seems not affirmable.” …not really trying to be courageous, but rather in the midst of uncertainty, doubt and confusion, acting to one’s fullest capacity

paradoxes are a deep pool which we seem to spend a lot of time bathing in…


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