To blog again…

Well, it’s been a while since i’ve visited here. I don’t think that my reflection has stopped. However, there is something to stopping, taking time to get the reflection out of the ethers and into some form of visible media, words on a page of some form or another…

I am enjoying the learning in groups and teams class. It’s really awesome to get a deeper insight into the theoretical and practice aspects of group and team dynamics. i’ve had some very positive collaborative experiences working with teams in the past and also very challenging ones too.

The readings really help shed some retrospective light on some of those experiences…


The challenging ones were were there was little collaboration; rather, there was a mix of competition and also individualism. I think we could not really reach a common goal as a team, enough to work together as a whole. Some of the team collaborated well, but there also was some intense competition and also strong individualism. Also, the team leaders weren’t really on the same page, it seems like they didn’t have a shared vision of the team focus. From the beginning there was a strong focus on task and, I think, not enough made for developing a connection away from tasks. There were also issues of ambiguity in context, how we were related to the larger organization which was connected to the team. more issues with role definition…

I must say with all of the challenges, it was an excellent opportunity to learn. One of the things that really came out of the challenging team experience was that I saw the importance of a facilitative approach. As a part of this I realized i needed, myself, to have better facilitative skills and also to work more on communication and listening.

It’s interesting to explore the different aspects of power – the differences between soft power and positional¬† power – legitimate, referent, and expert… Sometimes I have felt a repulse by those with coercive or even reward type power… I think it’s when there is a lack of respect and when due to a position there is some kind of feeling of superiority. I guess it’s because I loose trust that what I may have to say or contribute would really be seriously considered

so many factors…

And there are more factors. It was really helpful to use the Schwarz Group Effectiveness Model to explore the functioning of the jury in 12 Angry Men. I now have more understanding about how the system of a team or group functions and the different factors and elements that impact the effective functioning of a group.


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