I enjoyed the story of Rita’s journey in her search for meaning. It’s interesting to consider what is involved in the transformational process. Clearly, there was something that was driving Rita from within. A wish, dream, hope, or maybe a vision of something different – perhaps something unseen, just over the horizon.  This dream or hope pushed her out into unknown waters where she sometimes floundered. However, through her experience, perseverance, reflection and perhaps intuition, insight, and latent talent her perspective shifted, in a gradual manner. I also felt that her tutor also was a guiding force and was sensitive about how much power and influence he exerted in his teacher-student relationship with Rita.

One question that came up in class that has struck me was something like, “could it be necessary that we hurt someone in order for them to learn.” This seems to be such a delicate point. It’s clear that there may be things that I do as a person or in the role of a teacher, facilitator (?) that another may feel challenged by, but I think it’s important to understand what my intentions are. If my intentions are to simply cause hurt or pain as some sort of retribution or reaction, then I would have to question whatever those actions are. However, if through my actions another may have to confront some issues that are challenging them or both of us, and my intention and attitude is helpful and respectful, then I would consider this process more closely.

And, by the way, you could call this my theory-in-use (?), but in my actual practice I’m certain I wouldn’t be able to stick to these ideals at all times. However, having a goal, direction, or foundational principles can be helpful in those split second moments when I’m aware that I have a choice of what to do next and am searching for some kind of reference points to guide me. So, it’s helpful we can think through some of this stuff before hand. When the issues come up, then I guess it’s around the experiential learning cycle or spiral I go, how many times before i really do it differently, I don’t know…!


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