Win-Win and attitude

Win – Win ??

I was struck last week how quickly the team debate went towards one side trying to convince the other that their side side was in the ‘right’. I guess that’s what a debate is. It seemed to begin to become more competitive and, for me, I noticed my openness to learning started to shift. As long as we were exploring each others ideas, I found myself more open. But when I found myself moving towards convincing the other one with the purpose of winning the argument, I noticed that I started to become less open to what the other team was actually saying. It makes me think of how this could be done so there is a win-win attitude, where their is a genuine curiosity in each others interests.

Dependency and Self-Directedness

A bell went off when we were going over Tough’s chart of the learner moving from dependency to self-directness and the teacher moving from the authority to guide to facilitator and then delegator. When we talked about the teacher meeting the learner wherever they were, that clicked. I guess I have a bit of a resistance to the approach of the teacher being the authority and “pouring knowledge into the head” of the learner. I have felt that this doesn’t respect the potential for the learner to learn for themselves. Maybe because I’ve found that people who aren’t connected to the subject don’t seem to have such deep learning. I’ve seen the rote learning go in one ear and out the other.

Maybe more significant for me is the attitude of the teacher/facilitator, no matter the method. If the attitude is one of prizing, accepting and trusting, then even a role as more of an expert of authority on a subject may be effective for the learner, if that’s where they are. But then what about someone who doesn’t want to learn at all – who is just there because they have to be… That’s another subject… How to catch their interest, strike their curiosity to learn…??

So, here is that curiosity word again… how to cultivate that fine grape?

this is a test, i just wanted to try and insert an image into the blog and see if it works. I’m not sure how relevant the image is…


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