Regarding the question of gender, what I find interesting is that the feminine qualities that might have been ignored in the past by most of studies and theorists, often considered to be a weakness or lower value, have now a chance to get some airtime. I’m thinking mostly of care, connection, relationship, empathy, etc. And there are viewpoints that recognize more of these qualities can impact in a positive way the business world which has so often been framed through the masculine perspective.

I can’t help but think that if relationship and care were more of a priority, whether there would such a mess with the banking/credit world. Surely, there are many factors that have contributed the present situation. But I wonder if there were an attitude of genuine interest and care prevailing in the marketplace there may have been more mutual understanding that the ice was a bit too thin for all.

Not to say to swing the pendulum totally away from reason, but rather to find some balance. It seems things are out of balance and we are more disconnected. Perhaps connected aspects of women’s ways of knowing will find more respect and place in the consciousness at large. To me it seems like this is not an issue of male/female in the physical sense, because you can find female bodies with less of the caring and relationship attitude as well as male bodies with more of it. It might be more of harmonizing the masculine and feminine energies that each of us have within us.

hmmm…. that sounds like quite a task. where do we start? dialogue? meditation?


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